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JulietteThe Pasadena Senior Center is a vital community asset. As a donor supported nonprofit organization, we do not receive local, state or federal funding for our operations and PSC is not a city-operated facility. The City of Pasadena provides the building but we raise the money for all programs, services and maintenance.

We work hard to keep membership and class fees as low as possible so that everyone can participate. While those fees help, they do not cover the operating costs of the Center. We need to raise the money through private donations, foundation grants, corporate sponsorships, and community philanthropy to support the Center’s operational expenses as well as social wellness programs.

Social wellness ensures

Every year, more than 10,000 older adults age 50+ from a variety of backgrounds, with differing needs, abilities and interests come to PSC for a sense of community and so much more. In this place, they

Our dynamic programming also includes a full range of free social service programs for older adults who face chronic health issues, poor nutrition, social isolation, income insecurity, lack of access to transportation and more. We understand that older adults want to remain independent for as long as possible, and we work hard to help them do so with a sense of dignity, happiness, and safety in an environment where they are valued.

60th Anniversary of Pasadena Senior Center

The 60th anniversary of the Pasadena Senior Center will be celebrated with a series of special events and activities throughout 2020.

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Tuesdays, January 21 though March 3
Members Full Series: $90
Individual Lecture: $15

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